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this is the homepage of the foo sound synthesis system.


foo is a sound synthesis tool based on the scheme language, a clean and powerful lisp dialect. foo is used for high-quality non-realtime sound synthesis and -processing. By scripting foo like a shell it is also a neat tool for implementing common tasks like soundfile conversion, resampling, multichannel extraction etc.

foo does not distinguish between score and patch nor between audio and control rate and has a simple and powerful temporal semantics. A control library written in Scheme allows to access these features in an abstract musical way.

foo was developed by gerhard eckel and ramón gonzález-arroyo in 1993 at "zentrum für kunst und medientechnologie" (zkm) in karlsruhe, germany (http://www.zkm.de). its kernel is written in objective-c for the NeXTStep platform. eleven years later, a first port to linux has been done using the GNUstep framework. porting to Cocoa/Mac OS X is also planned. by now, foo uses the elk scheme interpreter (http://sam.zoy.org/projects/elk/).

foo is free software

foo is released under the LGPL (since version 0.0.2). please refer to http://www.gnu.org/licenses and/or the LICENSE file. this license is not yet stated in each source file. this issue will be fixed in next releases of foo.


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