foo sound synthesis



  • added some examples to Examples/script
  • started to add examples from KernelReference to Examples/kernel
  • removed banner printed on startup
  • added (about) function to print banner
  • added (version) function to get a list of (major minor subminor) version numbers
  • nearly rewrote SoundFile.m again (oh well)
  • discovered some bugs in libsndfile
  • changed to libsndfile 1.0.10 as minimum requirement
  • fixed prompt displaying issue in non-readline mode
  • BandlimittedNoise: added random seed to archiving methods
  • disabled SoundFile flushing from within Context (SoundFile's responsability)
  • caught probably long-term bug in task.m related to parameter in (make-task)


  • reimplemented SoundFile caching
  • reintroduced scripting support
  • added Examples directory and a simple sine wave scripting example


  • fixed bug in ./bootstrap (INSTALL removal)
  • include GSConfig.h for support of GNUStep fakemain hack on some systems
  • added --no-rl option and toplevel-no-rl.foo for non-readline operation
  • read user defaults now from (in this order):
    • /etc/foo/init.foo
    • - ~/.foo/init.foo
    • - ./.init.foo
    (retained backwards compatability for ~/.initfoo and ./.initfoo)
  • added user-accessible (foo-default-play-command)


  • adopted to fooelk-0.0.2
  • switch on case-sensitive mode of elk (off by default now in elk)
  • added custom reader for fractional tones (replaces old semitone reader from customized elk)
  • readline reader extension/readrationals now in fooelk-0.0.2
  • restructured source tree
  • reviewed gnustep-make support
  • introduced autoconf to guess/set location of fooelk/elk and foo
  • replaced foo.sh startup script by foo binary


  • libsndfile support for creating/writing of soundfiles
  • license changed to LGPL
  • minor bugfixes


this is the first port of foo to linux. it is mostly compatible to foo-2.1 for NeXTStep®.

  • no (play~) support
  • no support for writing/reading comments in soundfiles
  • some obvious performance lacks due to unclean implementation
  • libsndfile support for reading files

foo-2.1 (NeXTStep®)

last version for NeXTStep®

porting and further development is based on this version of foo

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