foo sound synthesis

mailing lists

there are four mailings lists for foo:

  • if you are a user of foo, it's highly recommended that you subscribe to at least the foo-users mailing list.
  • if you are interested in discussion regarding the further development of foo, please subscribe to foo-devel.
  • if you just wnat to receive announces of new versions of foo, you may subscribe to the foo-announce list.
  • as of 2004-07-31, the sourceforge cvs is used for the development of foo. foo cvs commit notifications are sent to the foo-cvs mailinglist. please subscribe if you are interested in every single detail going on with foo.

foo-users list interface

foo-devel list interface

foo-announce list interface

foo-cvs list interface

announcement policy

news on foo and related software will get announced at foo-announce only, not at foo-users nor foo-devel. therefore it's recommended to subscribe to foo-announce in addition to other lists. your mailbox won't get filled up with multiple identical announces...

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